AP Biology Exam Preparation

Morning Prep Sessions for the AP Biology Exam

All sessions begin one hour before the first bell.


    Lab Review: Origin of Life

    Lab Review: Artificial Selection

    Lab Review: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

    Lab Review: BLAST


    Lab Review: Behavior

    Lab Review: Energy Flow


    Plant Transport & Nutrition

    Lab Review: Transpiration

    Enzymes & Introduction to Metabolism

    Lab Review: Enzymes

    Organic Chemistry for Biologists

    Cells and Cell Membranes

    Lab Review: Osmosis


    Lab Review: Photosynthesis

    Cellular Respiration

    Lab Review: Cellular Respiration

    Mitosis & Cell Cycle

    Lab Review: Mitosis


    Cell Signaling

    Lab Review: Cell Communication


    Bacteria and Viral Genetics

    Eukaryotic Gene Regulation

    DNA Replication

    Protein Synthesis


    Lab Review: Bacterial Transformation

    Lab Review: Gel Electrophoresis

    Immune System

    Quantitative Reasoning

    The Free-Response

Dennison's Must Know List

The material on this list is courtesy of Robert Dennison, and it has appeared on the majority of AP Biology Exams.

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