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AP Biology Exam Preparation

The College Board has created this set of videos as an overview for the 2020 AP Exams. Please click on the title above to go to their page and view the videos as you prepare for the AP Biology Exam.

The 2020 AP Biology Exam is "open note." Make sure you watch episode #4 regarding the rules on the link above. Please get your Interactive AP Biology Notebook ready for exam day on May 18.

Resources from College Board

In this document, you will find information about the type of math skills you will need on the AP Biology Exam.

Review sessions produced by the College Board this year in response to the COVID-19 closures, these may be specific to the content on the 2020 AP Biology Exam.

As you prepare, go to the AP Classroom website and complete the "Unit Progress Check: FRQ" for each unit.

2020 AP Testing Guide
2020 AP Exam Day Checklist

This is a comprehensive guide that will walk you through exam preparation and give you an overview of the 2020 AP Exams.

Dennison's Must Know List

The material on this list is courtesy of Robert Dennison, and it has appeared on the majority of AP Biology Exams.

Study this material. Print it and annotate it. Calibrate the text the same way we do in class. Put it in your Interactive AP Biology Notebook so you have it on exam day.

Other Online Review Resources

This is the companion website for our textbook, Campbell Biology 11e. During AP Exam preparation weeks, reviews will be posted here for the laboratory investigations.

If you are finding that you have gaps in your content knowledge, this is a great place to start. Remember, the 2020 AP Biology Exam will only cover Units 1 - 6.

Updated recently to help you prepare specifically for the 2020 AP Biology Exam.

You should practice the different ways to submit exam responses. This demo was created by College Board. Just use "PRACTICE" instead of your exam ID when you are practicing.

Be aware of what resources you may use during your exam, and how to access them.

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